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Thermostat Problems

Common thermostat problems are easy to identify once you know how and having them rectified is a simple procedure. Thermostats are common devices in homes, cars and even at the office. Being able to trouble shoot and determine if the problem is related to the thermostat can save time and money and get the problem rectified quickly.

What is a thermostat?

A thermostat is essentially a mechanism that regulates temperature. This can be the temperature of the car engine or of a room, a hot water geyser or even of electrical equipment such as a computer. A thermostat uses triggers to turn the heating or cooling system on or off. Take for example a geyser. The element will continue to heat the water up unless it is controlled by a thermostat. When you set the water temperature of the geyser you are telling the thermostat at what temperature to turn the element off. Having thermostat problems can have huge repercussions such as burning out your geyser element.

How does a thermostat work?

Thermostat Problems buy kamagra onlineThere are a number of types of thermostats found. Older ones that use mercury switches, newer ones that are based on digital technologies and thermostats that use wax with high melting points. A mercury switch is very common in older thermostats. Since mercury is a liquid conductor of electricity tilting it can create or break a circuit. A switch tilts because of the expansion of a copper coil reacting to hot and warm air temperatures.

Wax thermostats are commonly found in cars. The wax melts and as it does so it expands in its liquid form which forces a valve to open, kicking in the cooling system. Digital thermostats work on an entirely different principle; they convert the information from the receptor which is then converted into a digital format.

Common thermostat problems

  • Thermostats that are mounted in areas that receive direct sunlight or that are exposed to cold will not be able to keep the home warm because they are responding to the air directly around them. A thermostat that is incorrectly positioned will appear to work but will give irregular results.
  • Older thermostats function fairly well but one of the biggest problems we are faced with today is the need to save energy. By replacing the mercury type thermostat with a digital thermostat you will be able to set the air conditioner or heating system to come on just before you wake up or arrive home.
  • The inside of a thermostat is not difficult to figure out if you understand the basic principles of a mercury switch as well as the anticipator levers. If it seems as though the thermostat is not doing its job, open up the front cover and clear out the dust with a paint brush and gently moving the movable parts.

Ultimately, with older models you will continually experience thermostat problems. Replacing these with a digital thermostat can solve the issue and make future trouble shooting simpler.